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Facilitating reflective practice print version | course feedback

Duration: This is a one day course

Tutor(s): Susan Moores.



Course Outline

A dynamic day for managers to share ideas on how to integrate reflective practice into all aspects of service delivery. Participants will explore definitions, models and underpinning theories to inform structure, methods and approaches; and practise, observe and discuss a range of creative tools to develop confidence to facilitate reflective practice processes in the workplace.    


  • To gain insight into a range of models and approaches underpinning reflective practice.
  • To develop understanding and confidence to facilitate reflective practice in the workplace.
  • To provide an opportunity for some fresh perspectives, creativity and sharing of ideas relating to reflective practice.


By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

  • develop a deeper understanding of the concept and a commitment to using the process of reflective practice within supervision.
  • consider how reflective practice can be integrated into all aspects of an organisation and in service delivery.
  • increase knowledge of and confidence in a range of techniques and approaches in facilitating reflective practice in self and others.
  • build up a checklist of useful questions.


Please contact us for an up to date course outline.    
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