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The Drug & Alcohol National Occupational Standards (DANOS) specify the standards of performance that staff in the drug and alcohol field should be working towards.

DANOS describe the knowledge and skills workers need in order to perform to the standard required by each unit.

Each of our courses is mapped to different DANOS units. By attending the courses you get the opportunity build the knowledge and understanding that underpins the DANOS units listed. The courses either fully or partially cover the relevant knowledge.

By taking notes and keeping handouts, you will be collecting evidence to prove to an external assessor that you have this underpinning knowledge & understanding.

Please contact us if you need more information about the link between DANOS and training and continuing professional development.

The only exception to this is our Evidence Based Approaches to Counselling Substance Users (EBA) course which has assessment built into it. As an externally assessed programme it in itself provides valid evidence that you are competent to perform to the given standards, i.e.

AA1, AA2, AB2, AH3, AH10, AI1 and as an added option units AJ1 & AJ2.

For further information on EBA please click here