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New approaches :: 14/02/2017

We are involved in the latest thinking and developments in best practice. Current and recent work includes:

Improving outcomes for families affected by the trio of substance misuse, domestic abuse and mental health
The Training Exchange was commissioned by Somerset County Council Public Health to bring together senior and middle managers in substance misuse, domestic abuse and mental health, to review existing joint working arrangements between the three specialisms and develop a joint working protocol. Drawing on best practice nationally and internationally, the project aimed to identify strategies for overcoming barriers and building on opportunities to achieve better outcomes for children, parents and families.

Learning and development validation project
The Training Exchange has been working with a Somerset based health organisation to develop learning and development portfolios for staff. Role
profiles have been developed and linked to National Occupational Standards, NHS Key Skills Framework and other relevant competence frameworks;
alongside materials for managers and staff self assessment. The work has provided a foundation to validate and formalise training and development as part of internal performance appraisal and personal development planning and review (PADR) processes.

Youthoria: Adolescent Substance Misuse - Problems, Prevention and Treatment
An inspirational book written by trainer Phil Harris to deepen understanding of adolescent drug & alcohol problems, and help unpick the complexity of young people’s needs. Youthoria balances robust research with action based learning. It sets out a truly developmentally informed approach to working with young substance misusers that has more than doubled their treatment outcomes compared to the national average.

Transnational knowledge and skills exchange for drug and alcohol helpline workers
The Training Exchange has been invited to take part in an Erasmus+ funded European initiative to enhance the skills and abilities of drug and alcohol helpline workers. Through knowledge and skills exchange focused on key helpline related topics, the project aims to enhance the skills and abilities of workers and contribute to a shared curriculum and agreed standards of what is best practice in this area of work. In so doing the project seeks to increase the value and professionalism of drug and alcohol helpline work and the transferability of skills.

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